Craig Lamberty


Co-Owner, Conscious Coffees

Craig is a civil engineer by schooling and a former executive for a Fortune 500 company. Desiring to do something more meaningful and make a difference in the world, he decided to quit his job and pursue other opportunities. His later-in-life passion for coffee and long-held interest in peace and justice issues led him to explore Conscious Coffees, where he discovered a shared mission. This led him, along with his wife, Laura, and sister, Kim, to purchase Conscious Coffees in early 2017. Craig was born and raised in Nebraska where his family took frequent trips to Rocky Mountain National Park. He, Laura and his two children lived eleven years in Western Colorado where they enjoyed camping, hiking, and river rafting. The mountains have a way of getting into a person's blood, and they definitely did with Craig and Laura, who now reside in Boulder.