Ethiopia, Fero

Member of SCFCU District of Wonsho Siadama region  

Member of SCFCU since 2005  

4164 farmers members  

0,5 ha per farmer 

Altitude: 1800 to 1900 m

Varietals: Heirloom  

Fero cooperative is very often mentioned as the most successful cooperative in the whole country. The cooperative receives is well known for being very transparent to its members and to provide a very solid technical support to its members on the farming front as well as on the processing front. The industry manager (quality manager) of the main washing station is Teshome Debiso. He is really on top of the processing unit and is a very good advisor for all staff working at both cherries washing and on drying tables. He is also on site every night to carefully control the cherries selection of daily deliveries coming from the 16 collecting centers that the coop owns. Pulping machine is very well calibrated. However, the cooperative is also implementing a brand new Pinhalense eco pulper that was provided by Technoserve. Staff onto the washing site are paid 24 Ethiopian birr per day (1.05 $us). All of them are men. Staff on sorting/drying tables are paid 20 Ethiopian birr per day (1 $us). All of them are women. In 2014 Fero shipped the equivalent of 16 containers. In 2015 the cooperative expects to ship the equivalent of 20 containers.