Grind setting will be similar to "drip" (possibly a notch courser). Grind 42 grams of beans. The special Chemex paper filters, when folded, will have one side that has 3 layers of paper. This side should cover the pour spout. Place filter in position and rinse well with heated water. Slowly pour this rinse water out of spout and begin brewing. Start timer for 4 minutes. Pour 150 grams of  water evenly over grounds and lightly swirl once, ensuring full saturation of grounds. Allow to bloom and rest for approximately 40 seconds. Pour an additional 200 grams of water evenly over  bed of grounds and rest.  At 2 minutes, continue pouring remaining 350 grams of water only in the middle of the coffee bed, in a circle the size of a quarter. Your goal is a four minute brew time. You will need to experiment with the frequency in which you add water to the grounds. If pouring at the correct rate you will see the grounds in suspension for the entire brew cycle and will never see a pool of water over the grounds or dry grounds. You should not see any blonde spots or dark spots in your coffee bed, but rather an even color throughout the brew cycle. As always, you will need to discover which grind setting to use. If brew cycle is complete prior to 4 minutes, go finer on the grind to slow the total time down. If brew time is longer than 4 minutes, go courser on the grind.