Incredibly simple and effective way to brew a cup of coffee (unless you'd like to make this complex. In which case, go online and into the rabbit hole of Aeropress brewing methods). Your grind setting will end up somewhere between "drip" and "fine". As always, you will need to trial different grind settings to determine which one is best. Start by inserting paper filter into unit and pouring heated water into press. this will pre-heat the press and your mug as well as rinse the paper filter. After all water drained out of press and you discarded water from mug, add 17 grams of grounds to press and tare scale with press resting on mug. Pour water over grounds slowly while rotating press to ensure complete and even saturation of grounds. Go slow! When you reach 277 grams on your scale, stop. remove from scale, place on counter top, and SLOWLY press down. Total time should be approximately 2.5 minutes.