About Us


Roasting the finest coffee in the world, right here in Colorado.

Conscious Coffees began with co-creators Mel and Mark in the early 1990s, who first got their start as baristas at a roaster retailer in Colorado's Rocky Mountains. By 1996, they had a roasting machine of their own, a handful of wholesale accounts, and some new ideas on craft roasting. Since those early days of trial and error techniques, they refined the roasting process down a science, but also an art, with their craft roasting team. 

In 2017, Craig Lamberty, a long-time businessman and coffee fanatic, purchased Conscious Coffees from Mel and Mark. Along with his wife Laura and his sister Kim, Craig delved into the world of specialty coffee, planning to grow the business without compromising the mission of socially and ecologically-responsible coffee.

Today our Conscious Coffees roasting headquarters is part production facility, part laboratory. Coffee is a seasonal, living crop and fresh arrivals show up continuously. Each coffee follows a distinct roast development journey, no matter the time or effort, so we can uncover its perfect roast profile. As the green coffee beans mature each week, this individual profile is adjusted using bean-to-air ratios, conductive and convective temperature adjustments, and airflow rate changes. Each batch that comes out of the roaster is cupped, tasted, and graded. We then log its details into a database where the information is available for future cup and roast profiling. This whole process enables us to keep our coffee consistent week after week. Our method of sourcing coffee from the same producer partners year after year, crop cycle to crop cycle enables us to maintain quality, while guaranteeing farmers a reliable source to sell their harvests. 


Our Team



Our Conscious Manifesto


We believe that life is a grand adventure. 

We believe that the people we meet, the things we consume, and the places we love all have the potential to change us. We believe in building relationships, in coloring outside the lines, and in chasing authenticity until we’re blistered and blissful. We believe in taking care of this awesome planet so that our children’s children have a place to wander and play. We believe that there is a little bit of wildness within each of us and that therein lies our true calling. 

We believe that coffee is our calling. 

We believe that great coffee is the lifeblood of flourishing communities locally and globally. We believe that this tiny little bean has enormous potential to transform lives. We believe that we each have a desire to choose wisely and live consciously. We believe that life is too short not to be shared. 

Won’t you join us on the adventure?